Explore the Columbia River Highway at your own pace

Multnomah Waterfall Trolley

Want to avoid the traffic and parking problems on the Historic Columbia River Highway or having to make another reservation to actually see the Falls. Want to take a hike one or more of the trails but uncertain about parking. Want to marvel at the sights and not miss the history and geography behind them? Enjoy your trip on the Historic Highway instead of worrying about the traffic, the road and parking. Hop on our narrated Historic Columbia River Highway Trolley (Waterfall Trolley) for an experience you will not forget on the world famous waterfall corridor. Hop on or hop off at one of the ten stops for some sightseeing or a hike. You can hop back on the next trolley.  Stops are made at Corbett, Crown Point, Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Angels Rest, Wahkeena Falls, Multnomah Falls, Horsetail Falls and Ainsworth. We do not stop at non designated sites.

The ticket price for the Waterfall Trolley is $20 adult (age13 and up
), $10 youth (ages 6-12), Free for a child (ages 0-5). Click on “Buy Tickets” to complete your purchase.

Note regarding Multnomah Falls Visitor Reservations: As of 12/1/2021, The US Forest Service requires reservations to visit Multnomah Falls but the reservations do not include a parking spot as those are on a first come first serve basis (see our FAQ’s for details). The good news is that your ticket on the Waterfall Trolley includes a reservation to see the Falls at any time during that day. Because of this it is best to take advantage of our free parking in Corbett and have your sticker when you get to Multnomah Falls so you can walk right in. Just show your ticket/sticker and you will be granted access to the Falls viewing area and Lodge. Avoid any hassle and book on the Waterfall Trolley and your visit to the Falls viewing areas is assured. If you choose not to start your tour in Corbett the trolley drivers can sell trolley tickets on a space available basis for cash that includes access to Multnomah Falls.

If you want to take a stroll or a hike while in the waterfall corridor make sure to download or ask for one of our Information and Trail Guides at the sales booth so you can review the various options to best enjoy your time in the Gorge on the Waterfall Trolley.

The Waterfall Trolley is wheelchair accessible. Please see our FAQ page, question 17 for details.

Our sales booth address, parking lot and guest loading address is 36901 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett, Oregon 97019.

Open-air Trolleys

Our trolleys feature unobstructed sightseeing and photo taking.  The trolleys are sanitized after each trip for your protection.

Flexible arrival points

If you are driving, you may join this tour in Corbett on the Historic Highway with ample free parking available at the Crown Point Country Historical Society in Corbett.  If you arrive by scheduled bus service from the Portland area, you may join the tour at Multnomah Falls.  If you are parked near the Highway at one of our stops you can join our tour at any of the stops by buying a ticket from the driver for cash.

Tours from 9am to 4pm

Initial boarding is possible at any of our stops but the preferred location is at Corbett where free parking is available.  The departures from Corbett are at the top of each hour until noon beginning at 9:00am. After noon they are at 15 minutes after the hour until the last departure from Corbett at 4:15pm. The departures from Multnomah Falls Lodge westbound are at the top of the hour starting at 10:00am.  After the 12:00 departure the departures move to 15 minutes after the hour.