Map and Stops

Hop on our narrated Historic Columbia River Highway Trolley (Waterfall Trolley) for an experience you will not forget on the world famous waterfall corridor.  Hop on or hop off at one of the nine stops for some sightseeing or a hike.   You can hop back on the next trolley.  Stops are made at Corbett, Crown Point, Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Angels Rest, Wahkeena Falls, Multnomah Falls, Horsetail Falls and Ainsworth.  We do not stop at non designated sites. If you are interested in a stroll or a hike in the waterfall corridor make sure to get one of our Information and Trail Guide handouts to review the best way to enjoy your time in the Gorge.

Information and Trail Guide

The Columbia River Gorge Waterfall Corridor is known for its waterfalls, scenery and associated hikes.  We have prepared an Information and Trail Guide that describes the stops and the various hikes that one is able to take from each stop.  As always, know your limits and prepare for the hike appropriately.  Conditions can change within minutes, be careful, stay safe and enjoy.

Download our Information and Trail Guide

Waterfall Trolley Stops

Stop 1: Corbett
Our parking and boarding location. Visit the “Corbett Country Market” for snacks and a chance to see this local landmark in business since the early 1900’s.

Stop 2: Vista House and Crown Point
This gateway to the Gorge features iconic views from the 733 feet above the Columbia River. Tour Vista House, a national historic landmark opened to the public in 1918.

Stop 3: Latourell Falls
Walk the trail to the base of 249 foot Latourell Falls or hike the loop trail to view upper Latourell Falls. This is one of the most outstanding trails of the Gorge.

Stop 4: Bridal Veil Falls
This trail is great for all ages and abilities. The viewing platform at the base of the falls provides a great photo spot. Another trail leads to unique Basalt formations and overlooks of the Columbia River.  

Stop 5: Angels Rest
This classic hike is best known for being a good workout that rewards with a spectacular view of Portland. 4.8 miles round trip to the lookout.

Stop 6: Wahkeena Falls
This state park and trail can provide a full day of hiking with access to the comprehensive USFS trail system. Fairy Falls and natural springs can be seen on the Wahkeena trail.

Stop 7: Multnomah Falls and Lodge
The signature falls of the “waterfall corridor”, Multnomah Falls drops 620 feet. The historic landmark lodge was completed in 1925 and features a USFS visitor center, gift shop, snack bar, dining room and washrooms. The trail to the top of the falls takes you across the historic Benson Bridge and connects to the USFS trail system. Your ticket on the Waterfall Trolley includes access to Multnomah Falls, which starting on July 20, requires a reservation that is included in your purchase.

Stop 8: Horsetail Falls
This waterfall is 176 feet high and is adjacent to the trailhead to Ponytail Falls. A unique hike that must be experienced for its views as well as the geologic formation that takes the trail behind the falls.

Stop 9: Ainsworth State Park
The only overnight campground along the waterfall corridor. Our turnaround is just beyond Ainsworth State Park and provides great views of Beacon Rock, a volcanic formation over 600 feet tall.