Waterfall Trolley Schedule

Operations Calendar 2023:

May 27 to September 3 – Daily except Wednesdays

September 9 to October 1 – Saturdays and Sundays

Download Schedule from Corbett PDF

Download Schedule from Multnomah PDF

Eastbound Schedule:

60 Minute Intervals

Stop 1Crown Point Country Historical Museum – parkingDeparts At:9:0010:0011:0012:151:152:153:154:15
Stop 2Crown Point/Vista HouseDeparts At:9:0610:0611:0612:211:212:213:214:21
Stop 3Latourell FallsDeparts At:9:1510:1511:1512:301:302:303:304:30
Stop 4Bridal Veil FallsDeparts At:9:2110:2111:2112:361:362:363:364:36
Stop 5Angels RestDeparts At:9:2410:2411:2412:391:392:393:394:39
Stop 6Wahkeena FallsDeparts At:9:3010:3011:3012:451:452:453:454:45
Stop 7DMultnomah FallsDeparts At:9:3310:3311:3312:481:482:483:484:48
Stop 8Triple FallsDeparts At:9:4010:2011:4012:551:552:553:554:55
Stop 9Horsetail FallsDeparts At:9:4110:4111:4112:561:562:563:564:56
Stop 10Ainsworth State ParkArrives At:9:4310:4311:4312:581:582:583:584:58

Westbound Schedule:

Note: No westbound stops at Ainsworth State Park. See eastbound schedule.

Stop 9Horsetail FallsDeparts At:9:4910:4911:491:042:043:044:045:04
Stop 8Triple FallsDeparts At:9:5010:5011:501:052:053:054:055:05
Stop 7AMultnomah FallsDeparts At:9:5610:5611:561:112:113:114:115:11
Stop 7DMultnomah FallsDeparts At:10:0011:0012:001:152:153:154:155:15
Stop 6Wahkeena FallsDeparts At:10:0211:0212:021:172:173:174:175:17
Stop 5Angels RestDeparts At:10:0811:0812:081:232:233:234:235:23
Stop 4Bridal Veil FallsDeparts At:10:1211:1212:121:272:273:274:275:27
Stop 3Latourell FallsDeparts At:10:1911:1912:191:342:343:344:345:34
Stop 2Crown Point/Vista HouseDeparts At:10:2811:2812:281:432:433:434:435:43
Stop 1Crown Point Country Historical Museum-parkingArrives At:10:3411:3412:341:492:493:494:495:49

Multnomah Falls

The below schedule is actually the same as the above schedule (from Corbett).  It is laid out differently to make it easier to read if you are boarding the Trolley at Multnomah Falls or at another enroute stop (other than at Corbett).
Departure M1Departure M2Departure M3Departure M4Departure M5Departure M6
Stop 7DDepartsMultnomah Falls10:0011:0012:001:152:153:15
Stop 6DepartsWahkeena Falls10:0211:0212:021:172:173:17
Stop 5DepartsAngels Rest10:0811:0812:081:232:233:23
Stop 4DepartsBridal Veil Falls10:1211:1212:121:272:273:27
Stop 3DepartsLatourell Falls10:1911:1912:191:342:343:34
Stop 2DepartsCrown Point10:2811:2812:281:432:433:43
Stop 1ArrivesCrown Point Country Historical Museum10:3411:3412:341:492:493:49
Stop 1DepartsCrown Point Country Historical Museum11:0012:151:152:153:154:15
Stop 2DepartsCrown Point11:0612:211:212:213:214:21
Stop 3DepartsLatourell Falls11:1512:301:302:303:304:30
Stop 4DepartsBridal Veil Falls11:2112:361:362:363:364:36
Stop 5DepartsAngels Rest11:2412:391:392:393:394:39
Stop 6DepartsWahkeena Falls11:3012:451:452:453:454:45
Stop 7DDepartsMultnomah Falls11:3312:481:482:483:484:48
Stop 8DepartsTriple Falls11:4012:551:552:553:554:55
Stop 9DepartsHorsetail Falls11:4112:561:562:563:564:56
Stop 10DepartsAinsworth State Park11:4312;581:582:583:584:58
Stop 9DepartsHorsetail Falls11:491:042:043:044:045:04
Stop 8DepartsTriple Falls11:501:052:053:054:055:05
Stop 7AArrivesMultnomah Falls11:5611:112:113:114:115:11
For the Multnomah Falls Schedule (directly above): The turnaround location is the Crown Point Historical Museum that is still under construction.  As an alternative we suggest you get off at Crown Point (Vista House) for 38 minutes (departures M1, M4-M6) or 53 minutes (departures M2 and M3) while the trolley goes through to Corbett and returns, or you can spend 26 or 41 minutes in Corbett and visit the Corbett Country Market for ice cream or snacks.  The Market is within walking distance of the Museum.
Note: The last departure that leaves Multnomah Falls that will return you to Multnomah Falls is M6 that departs the Falls at 3:20 pm.